Prof.Akhilesh Kumar Tyagi

Professor, Department of Plant Molecular Biology

University of Delhi, South Campus, New Delhi


The group made a successful foray into genome-wide sequencing of rice, tomato and chickpea. A transcriptome atlas of water-deficit response and grain development in rice has been generated. A novel stress associated protein (SAP) gene family has been discovered and these genes have been used to improve water-deficit response. Group is also working to improve yield by understanding activity of genes responsible for seed development. At the University of Delhi, Professor Tyagi has served as Head, Department of Plant Molecular Biology, Chairman, Board of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences and Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Plant Genomics. Professor Tyagi has also provided leadership to the National Institute of Plant Genome Research as Director and to the National Academy of Sciences, India as President. He has been given JC Bose National Fellowship Award, National Bioscience Award, NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award in Biological Sciences, Bhasin Award for Science and Technology, Birbal Sahni Medal of IBS, BP Pal Memorial Award of ISCA, SK Sinha Memorial Lecture Award of ISPP and FC Steward Lecture Award of PTCA(I), among others. He is Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India, the Indian National Science Academy, the Indian Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and The World Academy of Sciences.

Awards / Honors

  • J C Bose National Fellowship - August – 2010 .


University of Delhi
1978 – 1983


Title : Professor
Organisation : Department of Plant Molecular Biology University of Delhi, South Campus, New Delhi 110021
1990 - Till Date


Sl. No. Journals Journals URL Summary Number of articles published Impact factor
1 Scientific Reports Weburl Malik N, Dwivedi N, Singh AK, Parida SK, Agarwal P, Thakur JK & Tyagi AK. 2016. An integrated genomic strategy delineates candidate Mediator genes regulating grain size and weight in rice 1 5

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Indian Society For Plant Physiology ISPP India

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Plant Molecular Biology
Functional Genomics
Abiotic Stress
Plant Reproductive Biology
Plant Genetic engineering


Plant Biology Plant Biology


Active Member: National Academy of Sciences, India

Life Time Member: Indian Society for Plant Physiology